Suomen Unipol Oy is a Finnish company founded in 1979. We specialize in imports and sales of Polish industrial chemicals and plastics. As a full service company we take care of sales, transport, warehousing and distribution on behalf of our customers and principals. Solid experience, careful planning and large volumes allow cost efficient and high quality operations.

Our principals and suppliers are leading Polish chemical companies such as Ciech S.A. Ciech is our most important supplier and one of the largest company in Poland with operations on the global market. 

Our total annual sales are about 20 million euros and we deliver up to 100,000 tons of different chemicals and raw materials. Finland is our main market but we also supply the Scandinavian and Baltic markets as well as other markets as we constantly expand and internationalize our operations. 

We are and have been for years the market leader on the Finnish soda market and we have now achieved the same position in Estonia. We deliver soda ash to our customers directly from our Finnish bulk warehouses in Hamina and Uusikaupunki and to the Baltic market from our bulk warehouse in Tallinn opened in November 2015.

Our product palette consists of a wide range of chemicals and plastics which we deliver to, among others, food, glass, metal, paint, cable, mining and paper industry. Furthermore we supply products for hospital and laboratory use as well as for water treatment plants.

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