Industrial chemicals and plastics based on customers’ needs

High quality products and services for the industry

Suomen Unipol Oy founded in 1979 offers inorganic and organic chemicals, plastics and other industrial raw material for the Finnish, Scandinavian, Baltic, German and other nearby markets.

Services according
to requirement

As a full service company we take care of not only sales but also transport, warehousing and distribution on behalf of our customers and principals. Reliability and flexibility are key words for us.

Responsible business
and environment

We have constantly paid attention to quality, ethicalness, product safety and environmental aspects. These themes are the foundation of all our operations.


Our product palette consists of a wide range of chemicals and plastics which we deliver to, among others, food, glass, metal, paint, cable, mining and paper industry.

Furthermore we supply products for hospital and laboratory use as well as for water treatment plants.

Logistic solutions and services

An important part of our expert knowledge consists of logistic solutions as well as warehouse services.

Annually we supply close to 100.000 tons of different chemicals and raw materials to our customers in Finland and on nearby markets.

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